Sajer offers a full suite of security services tailored to the Iraq environment. Our provision integrates as many of our competencies as is required to secure your business 


Sajer provides tailored static security solutions, providing both highly trained international or Iraqi static security officers, with the essential supervision and leadership to support each role. Each member of the static security team is supported by a full inventory of technical, physical and detection security measures and equipment.

Our unique access to the best personnel in each area of Iraq means, wherever you are operating, your team will consist of personnel local to the area with the knowledge and connections you need to keep you safe and your business interests secure.

Through this combination of experienced, highly trained personnel, and logistical and technical support, we are able to provide security for corporate headquarters, high profile operating sites, and life support locations however remote or rural the location.

Mobile Security

When travelling between regular places of work, or undertaking ad hoc journeys, our Mobile Security Teams can protect your people, no matter how remote or high risk the location.

Our unique position as an Iraqi owned business, operating to international standards, means we can secure protection from the moment individuals arrive in Iraq. We use our network of close protection officers to guide individuals smoothly through the complex visa, badging and entry requirements into all areas of the country.

Sajer will provide configurations and security levels to match requirements. These can include expatriate team leaders, a medic within each team, and vehicle specifications compliant with all major concessions. All vehicles include the latest technologies and are fitted with the highest levels of health and safety equipment.

Convoy Protection

As more areas of the country open for business, safe movement between regions becomes vital. Sajer operate dedicated Convoy Protection Teams to ensure that goods, equipment and people are able to safely traverse long distances and ensure your business continuity.

Our teams are crewed by experienced and well trained operators and boast excellent safety records. Our convoy protection services can include Start/End services including vehicle checks and weighbridge operation.

Regardless of which areas your convoy will have to pass through, our team with can design a complete service to match your requirements and ensure your cargo will arrive at its destination on time and intact.

Close Protection

Your high profile personnel should be able to conduct their affairs safely, securely and while enjoying peace of mind.

Covert or visible, our Close Protection Teams can protect your people, no matter how remote or high risk the location.

Beginning with the consultation process, you can expect a professional approach from our company as we assess your protection needs. Each client’s specific requirements form the basis of an effective, bespoke security solution.

Your time in Iraq should be valuable and efficient. Starting from smooth entry into the country, where we guide individuals through the complex visa, badging and entry requirements, to conducting business in any areas within it, we use our network of agents and operators to guarantee both your safety and your ease of travel.  

Technical Security

As a result of many years collective experience gained in the British and Iraqi militaries, and the private security sector, our personnel are able to plan, advise and oversee installation of the full range of security measures required in areas and locations of risk. 

Sajer utilise the latest electronic systems to complement and support our operations. Access control, video surveillance and perimeter alarm systems,  standalone camera installations. All of these can be integrated to ensure your safety.  

Where possible we employ an “intelligent building” style of thinking whereby we combine the best available systems and practices within your budget and available resources.

Contact our experts and we can assist in developing an advanced, integrated and comprehensive package best adapted for your requirements.


We provide a range of training courses to ensure your employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to protect their own security, that of their colleagues and of your corporate infrastructure whilst in Iraq. This includes:

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Sajer has developed specialist HEAT courses in accordance with defined competency frameworks for our core services. Each HEAT course is designed specifically to your organisations requirements whether commercial company, GO or NGO. Recognising that every situation is different and security requirements can change within a very short time period. Al Sajer HEAT courses are built around core principles that are placed within a flexible training program.

The Aim of the course is to expose students to the situations and predicaments they could encounter in hostile environments, initially in classroom situations and then progressing to practical scenarios that will test their self-resilience and ability to work as a team.